With the advancement of technology, many individuals are becoming more reliant on searching online for the solution to their problems. The internet is no doubt becoming a platform on which the majority of people spend their time on. This makes optimizing a website greatly essential for sales and lead generation for a company. This helps to engage your brand with different audiences and can transform the most minimal contact list into a hive of activity.

Understanding the foundation of the lead generation process is fundamental. The lead generation process generally begins with a click on a call-to-action (CTA) button on your website. The CTA will lead viewers to a landing page which will include a form to obtain viewers’ contact information. A thank-you page will pop up once they have completed and submitted the form. This is where we obtained potential leads from. More about this process can be found here.

Click Call-to-Action (CTA) Button – Landing Page: Form for Information – Thank-You Page

As marketers, a more strategic approach should be taken to unlock potential leads and convert them into successful sales. It is not as simple as just placing a call-to-action (CTA) button on your website to initiate a lead generating process. So how can you optimize your website for lead generation effectively?

Here are the 10 simple ways to optimize your website for lead generation.

10. Determine which sources are bringing you the most traffic.

Determine which sources are bringing you the most traffic

Email Marketing, Social Media, Live Chats and Blog Posts are some of the common sources used for marketing your brand. Before you begin, it is important to evaluate the current state of your lead generation to identify areas that require improvement. Some pages may perform better than another by generating leads that you are not aware of. You can conduct an audit of which marketing sources bring about the most online traffic.

9. Add forms to fill out on high-reaching pages.

Add forms to fill out on high-reaching pages

By determining which source drives the most traffic, you can identify which content performs exceptionally well. This is critical as it allows you to leverage a viewer’s interest and expand on the most popular content. This can be analyzed using an analytical tool here.

After identifying where the majority of your leads are coming from, the next step will be to update those pages by adding new content that keeps your audiences engaged. Adding longer-form content to your most visited websites can prompt viewers to land on forms that collect their information.

8. Optimise your landing pages.

Optimise your landing pages

Landing pages are proven to have the highest conversion rate of 23% in online marketing. Using landing pages to obtain customers’ contact information for lead generating is likely to attain a higher conversion.

As said by Neil Patel: “Landing pages are a core component of online marketing. Whether you’re trying to gather email addresses, host webinars to gain leads or want to sell more products, you need to get familiar with landing pages.”

Besides the landing page, the Thank-You pages are equally important, by adding social sharing buttons or a form for another also helps generate potential leads. Click Here for some landing page ideas.

7. Optimise your CTAs.

Optimise your CTAs

Call-to-action (CTA) ideas can be almost identical to other companies, minimizing its points-of-differences. To induce more clicks from viewers, images, buttons, and product options should be specifically designed based on the interest of your audience. So far, it is proven that personalized calls-to-action convert 43% more visitors compared to basic calls-to-action. You should develop more interesting contents and on-page personalization to help generate more leads.

For more dynamic content on your website, you can use the CMS Hub tool.

6. Track the journey of your traffic.   

Track the journey of your traffic

You can track the journey of your traffic using tools such as SEMrush Traffic Analytics.

By tracking the journey of your traffic, it can:

–   Use your competitor’s touchpoints to attract viewers

–   Analyze which alternatives your audience consider

–   Create remarketing campaigns for your audience on websites they visited

5. Utilise referral forms.

Utilise referral forms

Referral traffic brings in potential viewers to your website from reputable sources. Referral forms in turn put forth your content to new viewers, allowing the opportunity of converting a viewer to a lead. Not only that, this would allow your website to be listed as one of the trusted websites under Google and other search engines.

4. Update and optimise your old content.

Update and optimise your old content

Refreshing your old content regularly can boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and the overall performance of your website. This can increase your website leads, convert more traffic, and grow organic search results.

According to HubSpot analysis, optimizing old content was proven to gain more leads as compared to new posts. 92% of their blog leads come from old posts.

3. Develop live chat-bots and website navigators.

Develop live chat-bots and website navigators

Live chat-bots are increasingly popular in generating new leads. More viewers prefer instant responses towards their enquiries and this allows many companies to obtain vital information from them.

According to J.D. Power, it is found that 46% of customers prefer the use of live chat, as their digital contact method, as compared to email or social media marketing.

The live chat-bots also allow the integration of your customer service team and ensure that every question is addressed no matter which website the viewers visit.

2. Create powerful lead magnets.

Create powerful lead magnets.

Lead magnets entice viewers to share their contact information with you, some examples can be in the form of an eBook or whitepaper. It provides information that helps attract potential viewers to gain interest in your product or service.

More often, viewers who land on your website are looking for a solution to their problem, making this type of lead creation extremely valuable.

You can start by identifying a keyword search on a popular topic that is relevant to your industry and develop blog post content on it. This can be distributed using downloadable eBooks or whitepaper for viewers to download using their name, company, and email address.

With this, we can retain and track each lead’s interest and optimize the content. You can learn more about how to create powerful lead magnets here.

1. Use exclusivity on your offers.

Use exclusivity on your offers.

Gaining leads is easy but converting them into actual sales requires constant effort.

Using exclusivity on your offers increases the sense of curiosity and urgency within viewers and instigates their willingness in finding out more about your company.

Exclusivity drives a sense of belonging and importance, where viewers may feel a strong connection with your company.

How can you use exclusivity on your offers?

1. Set deadlines for promotions and deals

2. Limit your offers  

3. Use waiting lists to create hype

4. Execute marketing campaigns

If you would like to learn more about creating exclusivity with your audience, click here.


“The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market ‘lives’ on the web” – Wayne Davis

Optimizing your website for lead generation is highly significant in generating leads. As above mentioned, those are the 10 ways you can adopt to optimize your website but it is definitely easier said than done. It can be rather overwhelming and complex, hence this is where we come in!

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