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Great PPC Campaigns That Increase Your Revenue

A hyper-targeted campaign gets you in front of the right customer at the right time. The right keywords, ad coping, and time are the key to achieving well-targeted PPC strategies. Minimise time spent and lower your cost per conversion. With our help, we will create a transparent, profitable approach to target your target audience and make it impossible for them to choose any other agencies.


We are a performance-driven Google Ads Agency in Brisbane and believe our goals align with yours. Every client of ours is unique, and so is our way of approaching different marketing strategies for your business. Your pay-per-click advertising is constantly reviewed and adjusted to ensure that you are always positioned in the optimal method for your business. Let our experts take the guesswork out of your campaigns to consistently deliver the best possible results and value for money.

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Make Your Digital Marketing Strategies Stand Out 


We Are Providing One-Stop Marketing Solutions

Are you managing your Google Ads internally? If you are, you would probably understand how complicated and daunting it can be. With various key features and customisation options for each campaign, the different functionality of each campaign can be a real challenge. Understanding the fundamentals and functionality of these features can be confusing to comprehend, let alone running the entire campaign solely by yourself without any professional guidance.

By now, many business owners probably understand the benefits of how a great campaign can get you your desired results. However, the complexity of building a campaign can be the most significant task. You can easily set up a campaign that does not get the most return on investment. This is why we are here to help! We are a 5 Star Reviewed Digital Marketing Agency in Brisbane that can provide a one-stop marketing solution for your business. Our team of marketing experts will create, plan and execute your Google Ads campaign that produces the best possible outcome.


Online advertising is an excellent tool if executed correctly. An ideal marketing strategy is needed to achieve your desired results. Are you already running Google Ads? You can boost your ranking or build brand awareness by combining Google Advertising with SEO or social media campaigns. Using online advertising, we will push the boundaries of what is possible. Choose a suitable agency for your business in Brisbane. Contact us today to get your personalised Marketing Strategy

Google Search Ads

This is the most popular and influential option in search engine advertising. This allows your brand to be the centre of attention with a custom keyword search targeted campaign. Allows you to reach customers that are interested in your product or service.

Local Ads

Attracting customers to a physical location. Drive traffic to your business locations by advertising them and enticing user to visit their physical store

Google Shopping

Promoting your products on Google Shopping Ads. You can target browsing consumers directly. Bring your eCommerce store to the forefront of the market with shopping ads

Display Ads

With highly targeted Google Display Advertising, you can reach the right customers on sites they frequently visit and grab their attention. There is a keyword, topic and interest targeting option available.

Make the Most Out Of Your Marketing Budget

Most searchers are ready to purchase when searching for a product. Using highly targeted campaigns, we target specific audiences, which allows your ad to connect with them to get the most return on investment. We understand how the entire optimisation process for Google Ads requires time. Hence, we take every client seriously. Your campaign will be analysed and researched no matter which type.


Convert customers with beautifully designed landing pages and a spot-on keyword combo to attract attention. Writing content that draws and targets the needs of a consumer with empathising tone. Most importantly, target a specific demographic group such as age, gender, occupation, and cultural background. Our team fine-tunes your ads continuously by adjusting the settings for your keywords, targeting, campaign type and more.

Using The Right Strategy

With the right bidding strategy for your campaign, we strive to achieve only quality leads for your business. Allowing the best return on investment. Weekly optimisation is done to analyse the best strategy for your campaign. Transparent two-way communication in raising or lowering your bid price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC

PPC also known as Pay-Per-Click. It is the act of creating adverts and then paying for them to be clicked on. A series of words or phrases linked to the specialities of the website is created, and then adverts are designed to be displayed when someone searches for those terms. 


This works on a bidding system, and so a great deal of time and work is required to identify the words that are most likely to be searched for in relation to a client’s business, as well as understanding the cost implications.


If a particular search word is very popular, your advert will cost more to display. This works through a bidding system where a client specifies the maximum that they are willing to bid on a particular series of words. The client only pays if someone clicks on their advert, but only the adverts which are willing to pay the relevant bid amounts are then displayed. There is also the detail of creating the actual advert that will be displayed. This needs to be relevant and encourage the searcher to click on the relevant link.

What are the Pros and Cons of PPC


  Increase traffic to your website rapidly

  No click, No money wasted

  Ability to change budget

  Track performance easily


  Can be costly, varies on each industry

  Low bid resulting in a lower awareness

  Constant time is needed for optimisation

Is PPC The Same as Google Ads

Yes. Google Ad is basically a type of PPC. Google Ad is the most popular way of PPC. Some other ways such as Facebook Ads and Bing Ads are used

Where Will My PPC Ads Be Shown

Mostly on websites, through Google Display Network. Ads are placed directly on search engines as it provides faster results. PPC ads are also supported on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn

Why Am I not Getting Any Conversions For My PPC Ads

One of the biggest mistakes for not getting conversions for your PPC Ads could be the lack of regular optimisation for your campaign. Additionally, some of the common mistakes for PPC are


  Targeting the wrong audience

  Lack of bidding on keywords

  Absence of negative keywords

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