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Do you know the benefits of PPC Management in Brisbane?

PPC is the most effective way to increase web traffic and sales through Pay Per Click Marketing. Online advertising used to be all about PPC. Online advertising has evolved beyond the ‘pay per click’ model.

Most companies use Google’s PPC platform because it is the most popular by far and provides great results. If someone clicks on your PPC ad, you will pay the advertising channel. Direct leads generated through your PPC management campaign will be qualified and ready to purchase.

You can advertise on Google using a variety of channels. This includes Google Ads such as text ads when you search for a product or service on Google. Display ads which are in the form of banners and images that appear on websites you browse. Google remarketing which are company ads that you frequently see after visiting their website.

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Why Invest In PPC?

Online advertising is an excellent tool if executed correctly. An ideal marketing strategy is needed to achieve your desired results. Are you already running Google Ads? You can boost your ranking or build brand awareness by combining Google Advertising with SEO or social media campaigns. Using online advertising, we will push the boundaries of what is possible.

Search Ads for website

Google Search Ads

Make your business stand out from the competition. Unqualified leads, high CPCs and poor performing pay-per-click campaigns can be eliminated. For business, Google Ads provide high conversions rates, are powerful and fast.

Shopping Ads for products

Google Shopping

Promote your products and services through Google Shopping Ads. Customers’ browsing would be targeted directly. Faster sales due to convenient access to your service and product. Faster sales due to convenient access to your service and product.

Local Ads for your region

Local Ads

Promoting your business from your location is a great idea. Advertise your business location to drive traffic and entice users to visit them. Your audience will become more aware of your brand and your website as a result of increased web traffic.

Display Ads for more leads

Display Ads

The use of attractive display ads on websites your audience frequent allows you to reach your desired targeted audience. Display ads are displayed on websites, articles, or videos. Making the brand more visible.

Social Media for Extra Ads

Social Media

Looking for a PPC advertising strategy that will produce excellent results without killing your budget? Social Media PPC is the answer. It is affordable, effective and easy to implement. Helps to boost traffic, convert leads, and boost sales for your business.

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Our Experts

Our marketing experts can handle your PPC Brisbane campaigns with ease. We guarantee honest and transparent communication. Business goals and budgets vary from business to business. Therefore, we focus solely on what you want your company to accomplish and strive to achieve the desired results.

Our Process

First, we evaluated your campaign’s bidding strategy. After revising the bidding strategy, your account will gain momentum and your click-through rate will increase exponentially. Not only will the account start recording conversions, but you will receive countless requests for your business. Our corporate philosophy, individuality and sincere empathy for our customers always build better relationships. Our customers are more than just numbers on a screen.

Pay for Qualified Traffic

Customised Google Adwords Brisbane Management

Each Brisbane business has its own unique and professional way in building their PPC campaigns. We don’t build it and leave it there, it is not a one-off process. We optimise, analyse, and determine what’s best for your brand.

100% Qualified Leads Qualified Leads
100% PPC Campaign Optimization PPC Campaign Optimization
100% Target Audience Target Audience

Frequent Asked Questions

What is PPC?

PPC also known as Pay-Per-Click, is the act of creating adverts and then paying for them to be clicked on. A series of words or phrases linked to the specialities of the website is created and then, adverts are designed to be displayed when someone searches for those terms.

This works on a bidding system, and so a great deal of time and work is required to identify the words that are most likely to be searched for in relation to a client’s business, as well as understanding the cost implications.

If a particular search word is very popular, your advert will cost more to display. The client only pays if someone clicks on their advert, but only the adverts which are willing to pay the relevant bid amounts are then displayed.

What are the Pros and Cons of PPC?

The Pros behind PPC advertising are the ability to change budget; track performance easily; no click, no money wasted and the increase traffic to your website rapidly.

On the other hand, PPC can be costly, which varies on each industry; has a low bid resulting in a lower awareness and constant time is needed for optimisation.

Is PPC The Same as Google Ads?

Yes. Google Ads is basically a type of PPC. Google Ads is the most popular way of PPC. Some other ways such as Facebook Ads and Bing Ads are used

Where Will My PPC Ads Be Shown?

Mostly on websites, through Google Display Network. Ads are placed directly on search engines as it provides faster results. PPC ads are also supported on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn

Why Am I not Getting Any Conversions For My PPC Ads?

One of the biggest mistakes for not getting conversions for your PPC Ads could be the lack of regular optimisation for your campaign. Additionally, some of the common mistakes for PPC are:

– Targeting the wrong audience

– Lack of bidding on keywords

– Absence of negative keywords

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