Digital marketing is a type of advertising that’s carried out through various digital channels such as web apps, social media platforms and search engines. Traditional marketing is more geared towards print, whereas digital embraces all forms of digital platforms.

While digital marketing is an integral part of every business, it is far more complex than just having one channel. To truly understand how it works, marketers must dig deep into the world of cross-channel marketing to discover the right strategies that will make an impact.

Why Is It Important To Me?

Digital marketing is a must if you want to optimize your marketing efforts. It can help you get to know your audience and gather important data about them. Knowing your audience is a daunting task, but it can be done if you take the time to do a little research. Once you have identified a few key audiences, you will need to test different approaches and target different people to create a compelling and unique message.

So What Must I Do?

Digital marketing is a multi-channel strategy that involves the use of various digital platforms and methods. The most common areas of Digital Marketing are as follows:

Pay Per Click (PPC)

A paid search ad is a type of advertising that displays sponsored results on the top or bottom of a search engine results page. It is very effective, as it uses data collected from various online sources to target specific audiences. In this way a business can pay to have their advert shown when certain key words or phrases are entered into the search engine.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is the process by which a website is optimised to show up in online searches without, or in addition to, paid adverts. SEO combines several different strategies to make sure that the website is identified by the search engine as having significance within the search that is being carried out. A number of technical and content based processes are used to show that the website is an authoritative entity on the search that is being carried out, as well as being current, up to date and fitting with the search engines technical specifications. Content marketing is a strategy that aims to educate and inspire consumers. It’s not promotional and it’s done for the sake of entertaining. Having content that’s relevant to your audience will make it less likely that someone will lose interest in the site.

Social Media Marketing

With the growth of social media usage, all forms of social media are identified as potential areas for marketing. The size of the audiences and the ability to identify specific demographics makes social media a potentially powerful platform for advertising. The most effective social media marketing strategy involves more than just having a few active accounts. You also need to make sure that your content is engaging and relevant to your audience. Social media is all about being just that. Social. A good social media marketing campaign must be able to identify its key audience and supply a message that resonates with that audience.

Email Marketing

Today email marketing is still the most effective way to reach customers. It needs to be engaging, relevant and entertaining in order to stand out. For an email campaign to be successful it has to be viewed as being trustworthy, insightful, conversational, coordinated and strategic. Email marketing has its own issues with privacy and anti spam, meaning that mass email marketing cannot be sent to individuals who have not actively agreed to receive it.

Other Platforms

There are multiple additional platforms that can be advertised on which also fall under the banner of Digital Marketing. Adverts on TV streaming channels, audio streaming apps, video apps, gaming platforms and even down to electronic signage at bus stops, can all be classed as a form of Digital Marketing. As technology continues to adapt and grow with advances such personal smart devices, electric vehicles, smart housing and other innovations the possibilities for Digital Marketing will continue to grow too.

As a company it is imperative to identify what the main platforms are that drive your leads and customer acquisitions. Then work with a team of professionals to build the strategy that will work best for you in establishing and growing your business.

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