Although social media is on the rise and holds the highest screen time activity with Youtube and Facebook at the top, Google is still undefeated in search queries. 

Google is absolutely dominating the competition with a 92.01% search engine market share as of February 2022. 

It is arguably the best platform to determine user intent in order to promote the right advertisements to those who need or want your offer the most. 

So let’s have a look at which metrics you should focus on to maximize your ROI and conversion rates. 


Ad Impressions

The most basic but vital metric to look out for is your impressions, to firstly check that your ad campaign is live and operational. You need to ensure that your parameters are correctly set in order to get the right amount of traffic to view your offer. If you’re receiving little to no impressions then some adjustments need to be made to your strategy and ad placement. 

Collecting data on your impressions will give you an indication of how efficiently you are targeting the right demographics, with an offer that they will find relevant. 

The following are some parameters to factor in, to correctly run a successful Ad campaign:

  1. Campaign budget.
  2. Bid budget. 
  3. Geo-targeting settings. 
  4. Ad quality score.
  5. Correct demographics. 


Clicks and click-through rates

The next step in checking your Ad performance is to have a look at your clicks and click-through rates. 

if you’re obtaining a lot of impressions but aren’t satisfied with the click-through rate then further tweaks need to be made in your strategy, as the ad can bleed your budget without obtaining any results. The average Google Ads CTR for ads placed at the first position is 7.94%.

You have to make sure the quality of your Ad copy is high and relevant. 

Use the correct tone and voice, to spark an impulse from your audience to at least have a closer look at your offer. 

Another great tip we can’t express enough is to use Ad extensions to provide all the relevant information a prospect would want to be answered. 

Such as reviews, prices, contact details, specific pages on your website to click on called site link Ad extension, and much more. 

Not only will your ad extensions provide prospects with the relevant information they will also cover a bigger screen space making your Ad more noticeable.

If you would like to have a more detailed look at Ad extensions then click here.




Conversions are any actions you want your desired target audience to make. 

From signing up for a newsletter or free guide to purchasing a product or an ongoing subscription.

Your conversion rate is arguably the most important metric to look out for.

 It is the biggest factor in determining the success of all the planning and execution of your ad strategy. 

If you’re receiving a lot of clicks or impressions but can’t seem to be converting anyone then you should utilize A/B testing.  For a more in-depth look into A/B testing click here

Being able to track the metrics of various versions of the same Ad it will help you determine what type of imagery or tone most appeals to your target audience. 


Advertising costs

Your Ad costs will also be a factor to look out for in order to produce a successful Ad campaign. 

Ad budgets differ from one company to another and also by the results you want to obtain. 

Setting your goals and targets first will enable you to set up a successful Ad budget.

The following are some of the factors that will affect your Ad costs: 

  1. Ad type. 
  2. Schedule. 
  3. Device targeting. 
  4. Bidding strategy. 
  5. Target search page location. 


Return on Ad spend ROAS

Return on ad spend, measures the amount of revenue your business earns for each dollar it spends on advertising.

Maximizing the profitability of your advertising efforts should be a top priority. 

Google offers a variety of Smart Bidding strategies that can allow you to drive more conversions at a cost you are comfortable with. 

Within google’s smart bidding the important parameters to choose from are: 

  1. Target CPA (cost per action). 
  2. Max conversion value. 
  3. Target ROAS

If you want to learn more about smart bidding click here


Successfully advertising is one of the most daunting tasks a marketer or business owner has to face. Not only because there is quite an amount of technical knowledge required to set up your Ads, but also because you don’t have an unlimited budget and timeline to work with. 

What we have covered in this article are the most important factors to focus on but it isn’t all encompassing. 

So if you would like to get a full view of what goes on behind the curtains of a successful Ad campaign, click the image below and you’ll get to speak with one of our in-house experts. 

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