As SEO evolves and becomes more complex, it becomes more challenging. Is SEO today really that complicated? There was a time when search engine optimisation was much simpler than it is today. This is as simple as conducting a quick site analysis, creating a semantic core, ensuring all the content is original, and correctly placing keywords. Nevertheless, times have changed. There is much more complexity and breadth to the SEO  toolset today. So, what complicates your SEO efforts?

In this week’s article, we will discuss the complexity of SEO.

What exactly complicates SEO?

The discipline of SEO itself is complex. It employs a multitude of tools, best practices that can change from time to time and adjustments that are constantly being made based on Google updates. As a result of numerous changes to Google’s algorithm, we now experience complexity. In order to adjust your current strategy to all the nuances, you must learn the updated rules and, re-evaluate your plans and testing.

Misunderstanding of how the algorithm work

We tend to misunderstand Google’s changes, which results in us spending a lot of time on useless tasks. For example, Google mobile page speed benchmarks. As soon as it was announced, many users rushed to improve page speed in every way possible. Whenever page speed slows down, Google SERPs will also drop for the site. If your page speed remains essentially the same, cutting milliseconds off your speed won’t necessarily rank you higher. If you have a low-ranking website, this is especially important. Before you can speed up the page, you will need to solve many other problems before checking if your page speed is fast enough. You will not only be forced to think outside the box as a result of new restrictions, but the range of SEO tools is far more extensive than you may think it is still growing.

Various SEO tools

You will not only be forced to think outside the box as a result of new restrictions, but the range of SEO tools is far more extensive than you may think, and it is still growing. To broaden your horizons, or move from one project to another, you may have to use new strategies. SEO skills can always be improved, no matter how long you’ve mastered them. Your client may want to promote an informational resource related to their latest project. Even with the best advice on how to succeed in Google News, showcasing your website’s content for the first time, it can be challenging and nerve-wrecking.

Effective strategies

  • Check your competitors

Monitor their blogs and links by checking their blogs. Make sure you look closely to see what’s missing. Discover what the audience wants and what it likes by reading comments. Improve reader experience by providing detailed, descriptive information, adjusting content and customising content.

  • Keep track of the process

Be sure to track the keyword ranking, backlinks, organic traffic, and visitor behaviour on your site every month. Maintain a positive SEO campaign remains on track by keeping an eye on ups and downs. You can avoid larger problems and increase traffic by making minor adjustments.

  • Keep yourself updated by reading SEO daily news

Learning something is best accomplished through immersion. When you are new to SEO, it can be confusing to sift through multiple SEO-relevant media sites. Content strategy guides and indexing issues will gradually make sense as complaints increase. A good SEO specialist has his or her own polished list of top SEO forums and news feeds. The only thing you need is time and experience to create your own list. You can improve your skills and knowledge drastically by reading SEO information sites and forums.


An SEO campaign involves much more than keywords and links. In today’s world, both great user experiences and search engine requirements play a role in the bigger picture. Creating ‘decent’ content is no longer enough for SEO. There must be a clear distinction between the text’s appearance and its value. It is highly likely that your descriptions of services and blog topics are extremely similar to those of your competitors. In order to stand out, your have to come up with original approaches and provide users with information they can’t find anywhere else. On-page and off-page SEO have evolved rapidly, and they continue to become increasingly complex. Our job as professionals is to be prepared for new changes, and not overcomplicate SEO by overanalysing it.