Google My Business (GMB) is no longer optional — it’s an essential part of any business’s online presence. It is the first place customers look for up-to-date information about your company.

Where do your customers want to find your new opening hours or want to call you to inquire about your services? They’re going to Google your business’s name and check the right-hand panel of the search results for the information they need. If it’s not there, they will look elsewhere.

Why is it so important?

Google My Business has always been important because it’s often the first thing your customers notice when they search for your business. Optimizing your GMB account can generate more leads and business. Some of the key benefits of optimizing your GMB account are:

• A completed GMB listing can single-handedly improve a business’s local SEO rankingmaking your site show to a larger search audience resulting in more potential customers

• It sets an immediate first impression for searchers who see your business’s essential info clearly displayed projecting a professional image for your business

• Google Maps integration means that completing your GMB will show your  business on the world’s most widely used mobile map and directions app which means that it will drive more business to you

• Customers have the ability to send messages directly to your company phone or email via the GMB interface making enquiries easier

• Customer reviews are displayed under your GMB profile, giving your business social credibility that rivals any other independent review sites.  Customers are using GMB to source opinions and reviews of a business rather than other platforms, so it helps to keep your GMB active and well-curated.

Covid-19 And GMB: Why The Pandemic Has Changed The Game

The events of the past year have catapulted GMB into the digital marketing spotlight. Whereas business hours were relatively stable and predictable, nowadays that’s not the case given that closures and lockdown orders are changing so rapidly. You have to be able to communicate any changes in your working hours and service protocols to your customers immediately.

This is where GMB is so powerful for your business. Google is the first place your customers go to source information about your business and you need to keep your GMB updated with your latest business hours and any other relevant information your customers need. GMB lets you input your business’s operating schedule on the GMB panel, so it’s straightforward to communicate any scheduling or operating changes to your audience and doesn’t impact your time.

Google lets you write a description about your business. This paragraph should describe how your business is adjusting to the changing public health environment and should include information about how you’re complying with government measures. 

GMB Optimization For 2021 And Beyond

A recent Google report found that 60% of smartphone users contacted businesses directly through the GMB interface using the “click to call” option. Clearly, GMB is no passing fad, as the majority of shoppers have used it as their primary contact method with local businesses. 

As 2021 continues it’s more crucial than ever that you utilize and optimize GMB to display accurate, updated information about your business. Think of your GMB panel as the first point of contact between you and your customer. If your business hours or description is out of date, you can lose a customer’s trust and miss out on the lifetime value of the relationship.

At Digital Bazaar we offer a full GMB service to take the pressure of managing your GMB off your hands. This lets you focus on your business whilst we optimize your GMB presence.

Contact us now to make sure your GMB reflects your business and generates the business you deserve.