Does SEO work best together with Web Development? Today, SEO is a staple of marketing for modern businesses, having gone from a relatively unknown practice to a common practice in just a few years. It is increasingly difficult for companies without a clear SEO strategy to find new businesses online and succeed without a comprehensive SEO strategy. More frequently, it is overlooked by marketing departments and companies how good web design is an integral part of any successful SEO strategy, even as many understand how web development is used with SEO. It can be quite challenging to connect web design with SEO, but it is essential to grasp it.

Here are some of the reasons why you need an SEO-ready website:

1. Result Driven Compatibility

In order for websites to be successful, they need to be optimised for SEO to attract more traffic. Websites are visually appealing, but if it is not to search engine friendly, they would be useless. Search engines are not interested in the content on your website if it isn’t visible. You will be able to see how successful you are based on your website analytics and monitoring visibility. Make sure you check your website tracking regularly and don’t ignore the stats. Also, to ensure you’re on the right track, compare your latest analytics to previous analytics. Read more here on why you should have a website for your business.

2. Increase Speed and Security

The ranking algorithm is based on speed and security in the digital world. Speed and security are the priorities for SEO specialists, but web developers trust SEO specialists to convey these values to clients/customers. The loading time of your website can turn away potential visitors every second, as any professional web developer. You might even get people clicking on your ads or links and visiting your site in the worst-case scenario. This traffic could even cost you money!

3. Social Media Integration

In addition to SEO, social media plays an important role. To engage your website visitors and customers across multiple channels, you should be able to easily link your social media channels to your website.  

4. Quality Content for SEO

5. User Engagement and URL structure

No matter what kind of website you run or what type of company you operate, you need to be able to add good content. You provide the search engine with information about your products and services through the text on your website. As a result, you do not want to upload a website that is just a series of text blocks, but you will want to ensure there is room for product descriptions and blog posts.

Rankings are becoming increasingly dependent on user behaviour. Users’ bounce rate and the amount of time spent on a page are taken into account by search engines when determining which pages to display first. If you are trying to create a website that is SEO friendly, you should try to avoid visitors leaving your site because the information is too hard to find. Therefore, a good URL structure is needed. Your SEO strategy should also include clean, easy-to-understand URLs as part of your SEO strategy.


A website cannot be digitally promoted or digitally marketed without a web developer who has done their job technically. Without an SEO expert, bringing in new customers to the website can be challenging. It is common to find hybrid roles and web developers with an SEO side. They are professionals in their respective fields, so cooperating is in their best interests to achieve the desired results. Web developers and SEO specialists must work together in order not only to stay on top of these changes but also to discover ways to improve their performance. Contact us today for your SEO and Web Development needs.