According to a Google search analysis conducted by Backlinko, it is found that only 0.78% of Google searches click on results from the second page. This means that the click-through rate on the first page is higher than on the second page making keyword marketing highly important.

Key actions are needed to optimize your website to rank on the first page in search engines. Therefore, many businesses are integrating the use of keyword marketing in their PPC campaigns to boost their website ranking in search engines. So what is Keyword Marketing?

In this week’s topic, we will touch on what and how to discover the right keywords.

What is Keyword Marketing?

Keyword marketing is a way to market your business through search engines.

When potential visitors search the internet for a solution to their problem, they will use certain keywords. These keywords come in the form of a word or phrase. Search Engines will deliver results based on these keywords on the internet.If you would like to learn more about keyword research, click here.

How does it benefit your PPC Campaigns?

You can bid on Pay-Per-Click advertisements to improve your website’s ranking on search engines by targeting specific keywords. The success of a PPC campaign can often be determined by how effective the keywords are used in the bids that are attracting searchers and increasing clicks to your website.

In this way, you can obtain a higher website ranking using the right keywords. So how can we discover the right keywords?

How to discover the right keywords in PPC?

You can adopt various ways to select the right keywords for your PPC campaigns, some of the ways are:

1. Use a Keyword Research Tool

When you do not have the time to manually select keywords to work in campaigns, using a keyword research tool will be an alternative solution. Some of the common keyword research tools you can use are Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and Keyword

If you would like to explore more keyword research tools, you can click here.

Ultimately, keyword research tools are an ideal and fast approach to generating the right keywords in your PPC campaigns.

2. Brainstorm on ideas

Besides using a Keyword Research Tool, you can also brainstorm ideas revolving around:

–   Web address

–   Company name

–   Product or service lists

–   Festive seasons (e.g Easter, Christmas)

Keyword Match Types

After choosing the right keywords, the next step would be bidding. By bidding on keywords, you have the option of letting Google know how restrictive it should be when matching your ads with relevant search queries. Hence, there are different Keywords Match Types that are useful for you to know.

1. Broad Match: Google will match your ad with as many relevant results as possible and this is the default keyword match type.

2. Phrase Match: Google will only match your ad based on the phrase you designated.

3. Exact Match: Google will match your ad to the exact keyword, word for word.


“The success of every website now depends on search engine optimization and digital marketing strategy. If you are on the first page of all major search engines then you are ahead among your competitors in terms of online sales.” ― Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

Using the right keywords in your PPC campaigns can increase your website traffic and in turn increase conversions.

Are you new to pay-per-click management for your business? Fret not! Feel free to contact us for a discussion on how we can improve your search ranking using keyword marketing.