“Ecommerce isn’t the cherry on the cake; it’s the new cake’ – Bob Howland. Twenty years ago, online purchases, credit card transactions or your first product delivery to your doorstep would seem unheard of. Online shopping is a multi-billion dollar industry that has developed from non-existent to curiosity. Ecommerce websites and online shopping are rapidly increasing; many physical stores are transiting or implementing eCommerce online marketing. With the rise of mobile devices and advanced technology, online shopping has become more convenient. Recently, it is claimed by Statista that 93% of millennials have compared online deals using a mobile device. The convenience, fast and user-friendly process has resulted in a boost in the eCommerce industry in Brisbane.

In this week’s article, we will discover the trends and the rise of eCommerce marketing in Brisbane.

What is eCommerce Marketing?

E-commerce marketing aims to increase awareness and encourage actions toward a business that sells its product or service over the internet. In other words, your product or service is brandable and actionable with eCommerce digital marketing in Brisbane. There are different types of eCommerce marketing. Business owners can use social media, search engines and email campaigns to facilitate online sales.

You can use the most popular social media for your business as an eCommerce marketer. Not every social media network will be suitable for your business. These days you need to use imagery to draw attention and drive traffic to your product pages and eCommerce sites.

If you are an eCommerce business owner, Instagram will be highly recommended as it allows you to post high-quality photographs of your product. Social media also allows you to include shoppable content, directing users to purchase your product or service immediately.

Another type of eCommerce marketing is content marketing. This is more than just publishing blog articles or case studies. The Youtube platform is a great way to showcase your product or services. It is the second largest search engine apart from Google.

Furthermore, it has over a billion active users. Hence there is a higher chance you can reach your intended target audience.

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Latest eCommerce Marketing Trends


Chatbots are becoming more useful for data collection outside the usual working hours. With the advancement of machine learning, chatbots will be able to deliver superior customer service. You shouldn’t think that chatbots remove the human touch and leave an online store sterile and empty. Instead, it can provide your customers with 24/7 support and guidance towards what they are searching for.

Mobile App

As mobile device usage becomes more and more common, it is no doubt that users would want to purchase products through their phones as quickly as they would in a brick-and-mortar store. 62% of smartphone users have purchased their devices.

If you are transiting from an offline store to an online store, implementing a mobile application for your store will benefit your business.

Maximise the use of Social Media Channels

Shopping online cannot be just on a website but from multiple social media platforms. Consumers are more likely to shop online if numerous social media channels are optimized.

Social media will become the key to reaching an audience beyond Facebook in 2022. Streamlining the online shopping process can reduce time consumed and increase sales.

Variety of payment options

More often, providing a range of payment options to eCommerce customers is a top priority. In this modern society, we now have the privilege of buying now and paying later. You can now pay now, pay in instalments, or pay later.

By buying now and paying later, shoppers can still purchase the product even if they do not have enough funds. Therefore, implementing this option for your eCommerce business will be an attractive point to many users.

Why do you need an Ecommerce Agency?

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, many businesses were forced to transit into the online retail approach. This has caused some companies to be at a disadvantage as eCommerce marketing is completely new to them in Brisbane. This is where an agency would be beneficial for your business. This reduces the risk of your business falling behind. An effective eCommerce marketing strategy would help you attract your intended targeted audience, drive conversions, and boost your brand awareness.


A good eCommerce digital strategy will be crucial for your business if you want to reach a more targeted audience. Consequently, we understand that it is challenging to grow your eCommerce business. This is where we come in! We can help you build a comprehensive eCommerce digital strategy for your online store. Here, at Digital Bazaar we have experts that can assist you with the growth of your business. Contact us now!