Being a tradie isn’t always easy. The main issue that we have come across when working with Tradies is the need to generate ongoing leads and to convert those leads into paying clients. Often a tradie will work on a specific job and then move on, so it is imperative to ensure that there is always work in the pipeline ready for them.

In this article we look at 5 basic ways of helping to grow and develop the leads for tradies, and to try to reduce the time and difficulty of generating leads.

1. Set up a Google My Business account

You know what they say, ‘If you can’t be found on Google, your business doesn’t exist’. But are you using Google My Business to generate leads? In the words of Google, “with a Google My Business Account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps”. Basically, this is a no brainer for helping get the upper hand with SEO.

To optimise your presence on Google, set up a Google My Business account —  include your business location and opt into showing up on Google Maps. If you’re already using Google Maps, check your business information is current and correct. This feature will allow people to find you and leave an all-important review.

2. Facebook and Google Ads

If lead generation is the process of building interest in your trade business, on Facebook, you can create campaigns using a lead generation objective that allows consumers to fill out a form, called an “Instant Form,” with their contact information. It’s handy that you can maximise your budget for lead generation.

Facebook Ads are an excellent way to reach out to a hyper-targeted audience. According to marketing guru, Neil Patel, businesses that succeed with Facebook ads ask users to sign up, not to buy. He says the most important part of your ad is the image — for the best results, low-quality, generic stock photography is not recommended. 

Google Ads allow you to show your business when people are searching for your products and services. Tied in to GMB this can mean you can show when people are doing standard online searches as well as maps based searches. Google Ads can be targeted to specific areas and even specific times of the day. Your ads are shown to searchers, but you only get charged when the searcher clicks through to your site. If you don’t have a website, this is where it is good to direct to your GMB page. If required you can link your Facebook page to your GMB. It should be noted that linking your Google ads to your GMB will work better than linking them to your Facebook page. With Google Search and Google My Business sitting under the same umbrella, it makes sense to optimise on this information and link the two if you don’t have an existing dedicated stand alone website.

3. Brochure/flyer

Sometimes, the best lead generation tools are the most obvious. The little old brochure/flyer is as relevant today as it’s always been. Unlike online marketing, a flyer provides a tangible connection between you and your customers — and will make a lasting impression if you’ve created it with purpose.

Consider your target audience, content, design, colour palette, images and size. Why not do a local letterbox drop or leave them at your local cafe? A good quality flyer is a relatively inexpensive way to communicate with potential customers, showing them the many reasons your trade business is a stand out.

4. A-frame signs onsite

As tradies in business, you’re always on the go. 

Another way to catch the eye of new customers is with a well-designed A-frame, strategically positioned onsite. A-frames can easily be transported to different locations, giving more eyeballs the opportunity to see what your trade business has to offer. Make sure that your contact details take priority so that it is easy for people to see straight away how to contact you. The work you are doing is likely to be the main advert here.

5. Vehicle signage

Finally, signage on your vehicle or fleet of vehicles is an excellent marketing tool — and goes a long way to elevating your business’s professionalism in the eyes of new leads. Vehicle signage strengthens brand awareness and recognition, potentially exposing your trade business to thousands of people a day. In short, why wouldn’t you do it?

Consider the content and consistency of branding on your vehicle.

If lead generation is about driving queries from new customers, is your lead generation marketing hitting the mark?


There are a number of very simple ways to start maximising your visibility and reaching out to potential new customers. If you combine all of these together however, the possibilities become endless.

To have a chat about the Digital side of your marketing, and to understand what online advertising can you do to help grow your business, contact us now and let us guide you through the smartest ways to generate your online leads.