Marketing can be challenging and complicated. It can be a failure if not managed professionally. Many businesses now greatly rely on marketing to grow their business. This is where they can gain more brand recognition and awareness in the market. You might have the relevant expertise, employees and resources for your business.

If there are no customers, it does not create value for your business. This is no different for tradies. This article specifically focuses on electrician as have had many successful cases with electrical companies. We would love to share this article on how you can achieve it. Additionally, we have worked with different industries such as plumbers, electricians, builders, cleaners, and architecture companies to help them grow their businesses through marketing.

In this week’s article week’s we will discuss some of the proven marketing methods for Tradies.

Why use Marketing For Tradies?

Similar to all other industries, to run a business, you need sales. You need customers to grow your business. How can you increase it if no one knows about you? This is where marketing comes into place for your business. Apart from being experienced in your trade profession, general marketing knowledge is needed for your business to grow. This is a critical part of your business if you want to make your business prosper in the market. If done well, it creates trust and credibility amongst your target audience. To generate strong sales, revenue and profit for your business, marketing strategy for tradies must be evaluated objectively. You need to determine what and how you can execute it.

Some of the questions you can consider as part of your marketing strategy:

  • What marketing methods will you use? Online or offline marketing?
  • What is the minimum amount of revenue you need from marketing activities?
  • What is the budget for your advertising and marketing efforts?
  • How can you get new customers the fastest?

After you have gathered this information, you can start making marketing decisions related to your tradie business.

Digital Marketing Methods for Tradies

  1. Website 

In this digital world, an appropriate, attractive and user-friendly website should be your considerably put into consideration. Your website should be easy to find, featuring your contact information. This will give your customers a reason to contact you. Case studies, testimonials, and a demonstration of how you add value to your customers need to be showcased on your website.

If you would like to know more about how you can optimise your website, click here.

  1. Google Ads 

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to gain new leads and sales for your business. Google Ads for tradies have been proven to generate high conversions and click-through rates for their marketing campaigns. Are you a small business looking to grow larger in scale? We recommend the use of Google ads for tradies as you will be able to see significant results.

  1. Google My Business

Optimising your Google My Business allows you to target your audience in areas near your location. It allows potential customers to conveniently look up your number or website to understand more about what services you have to offer. It shows up on Google Maps, which helps improve your business visibility.

If you would like to know more about Google Business, click here.

  1. Social Media Marketing for Tradies 

Social media is no doubt one of the most powerful marketing platforms. It allows you to reach out to a larger group audience. You will be able to target audiences efficiently with a range of targeting strategies. Such as their interests, country, age, gender, region and income. On Instagram, you can choose the specific demographics of your target audience while creating an ad.

Read more about social media here.


You can reach out to potential new customers in several ways that are very simple to do. All of these possibilities become infinite if you combine them all. To chat about the digital side of your marketing and understand what online advertising can help you grow your tradie business. Contact Us now and let us guide you through the smartest way to generate online leads.