Google’s algorithms are constantly being updated to ensure a more user-friendly experience. In order to optimise a webpage, search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, and as a result, they are introducing new factors and eliminating some prevalent ones. In this week’s article, we will share what meta description is and why it is important for your websites.

What is Meta Description?

Meta descriptions are brief summaries of web page content. Searching Google for something you’re looking for is straightforward because you know what sort of answer you’re looking for. You don’t want to waste your time clicking through hundreds of websites, just to find out that they don’t provide the answer you need. A website’s meta description allows you to determine its relevance quickly. Search engine results typically display this HTML element under your meta title. It should be short, informative, yet engaging. When a user clicks on the link, it informs them what content to expect.

Why is Meta Description Important?

Meta name descriptions are the first thing people read on your website before they even read your content. In that tiny search result summary, you can determine the worth of your site. A meta description that doesn’t answer someone’s query immediately will likely result in them not clicking on your site. Meta descriptions technically don’t influence your site’s ranking or search results, but they do impact traffic. Having an enticing meta description, like the blurb on the back of a book, makes your site more likely to be visited.

How to write a Good Meta Description?

Your site’s meta description might not be up to par. Have you looked at it? Are you interested in writing meta descriptions that will attract more clicks? If you want to improve your own meta descriptions, here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Is there anything that sets your apart from your competitors? Gain a user’s attention! Keep in mind that you are marketing your website and yourself.
  • Your website should clearly indicate what content a user will receive if they click on it. If you are a site that sells cars, it is important to mention in your description that you are a car site.
  • Write your description no longer than 990px.
  • Be as creative as possible. Make sure your description is clear and as complete as possible.
  • Utilise your keywords if you’ve done the keyword research.


In many ways, adding meta descriptions can be compared to creating an artwork. Good meta descriptions will help you convince your visitors resulting in higher traffic and click-through rates. Any website’s ranking will improve when these factors are in place. Meta description is one of the most crucial elements of SEO and it works hand in hand with your webpage. Meta descriptions are a bridge between Google and customers even if they do not work for keyword ranking on Google.