“If you build it, you may still need Google AdWords.” — Jennifer Mesenbrink. Globally, Google controls 90% of the search engine market. Do you know that they are the world’s most popular search engine? We certainly can’t leave without Google! Using Google Ads might therefore be the best decision for your business. With over 5.4 billion Google searches per day, it allows greater opportunities for your brand to be seen. Ultimately, leading to increased leads, conversion and sales. This is where Google Ad plays a part!

In this week’s topic, we will discuss the basics of Google Ads and what you need to know for your business.

1. What is Google Ads?

To put it simply, Google Ad is an advertisement that you paid for to obtain a high ranking on Google’s first page. 

You can use Google Ads to drive qualified traffic to your business when customers are searching for products and services similar to yours. Using Google Ads, you can increase website traffic, phone calls, and in-store visits. 

You can create and share timed ads (via mobile and desktop) to reach your target audience with Google Ads. Your business will appear on the search engine results page (SERP) when your ideal customers are looking for products and services like yours via Google Search or Google Maps.

In this way, your brand will be more frequently reached out to your targeted audience.

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2. Basic Google Ad Terms

When creating a Google Ad, there are many Google Ads Terms you need to understand. Below are some of the basic google ad terms that you should be familiar with.

1. AdRank : You would want to aim for a higher value as it provides a higher probability of clicks. 

2. Bidding : The higher the bid the better your ad placement. 

3. Campaign Type : Select which campaign type you are comfortable with.

4. Click-Through Rate (CTR) : A high CTR determines how relevant content is. 

5. Conversion Rate: A high CVR indicates that your landing page provides a consistent user experience that fits the ad’s objective.

6. Display Network : Google Ads can be displayed on either search results or a webpage within Google Display Network. 

7. Ad Extensions : Useful to allow you to include additional information in your ad without any costs. 

8. Keywords: You choose keywords depending on the searches you want your ad to appear alongside. Read more about keyword marketing here.

9. PPC: PPC advertising is a type of advertising in which advertisers pay per click.

10. Quality Score : Your Quality Score is based on your click-through rate (CTR), the relevance of your keywords, the quality of your landing page, and your past performance on Google’s SERP.

3. Types Of Google Ads Campaign

1. Search : Ads that are displayed on Google search engine

2. Display : Display your ads on Google Display Network 

3. Video : Displayed in the middle, before or after a Youtube video. 

4. App : If you have a mobile app, you can promote your mobile application through an ad display on Google Display Network. 
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4. Why Use Google Keyword Planner For Your Google Ads?

Having a Google KeyWord Planner is useful in choosing which key phrases and words you should be bidding. The use of keyword planner allows you to search for keywords and phrases that are most frequently searched by users.

With the planner, it gives you suggested keywords for you to bid on to further make informed decisions.

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Google ad is an effective way to boost your web traffic in turn gain more conversions, leads and sales. In Google Ads, there is no such thing as a campaign that doesn’t work – the ones that need a bit more work are the ones that need more work. With basic information presented above, you should be able to understand the fundamentals of Google Ads. 

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