Whether you want to gain your customer’s trust, loyalty or improve your business awareness or you want to hire great talent for your company, then you must be active on social media like LinkedIn and know how to optimise your LinkedIn business account. But why only LinkedIn? Although there are plenty of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or WhatsApp, why do most brands use LinkedIn to improve their professional network or hire great talent for their company? What is the purpose of LinkedIn for businesses?

The foremost reason is that LinkedIn is a social media platform designed exclusively for professionals. Most businesses create their LinkedIn business profile to build a network, create better brand awareness, generate leads, and drive highly converting traffic on their website. They mostly generate high potential customer leads from their optimised LinkedIn business pages. As of today, more than 55 million companies drive their sales from LinkedIn and over 10,000 B2B software pages are on LinkedIn. Moreover, LinkedIn has tremendous potential to scale your business and build your network as a LinkedIn community is huge with around 722 million active users on average.  

In this article, you will learn how you can optimise your LinkedIn business account and how to generate high potential client leads for your business. 

So, Let’s get started!

All About LinkedIn Business Account

A LinkedIn business account is the one that represents your business information, details, number of employees, and showcases your product and services. This is the best source to engage with your customers. But how to make your business profile on LinkedIn. Let’s have a look!

  • Firstly visit Linkedin’s website and make your profile by tapping “Join LinkedIn Today” then enter your personal details. 
  • After logging in to your LinkedIn account, click on “Companies” at see the top of the page then create your company profile.
  • Add your company details very carefully and then click on “Continue” to proceed. 
  • If you want to enjoy more exciting features offered by LinkedIn then you can consider upgrading your LinkedIn business account.

Why do you need a Business Account on LinkedIn?

You might ask yourself what’s the need of having a business account on LinkedIn. The answer is that it is the age of technology and social media. Most people spend most of their time in this new age media. So, this is the best chance to acquire customers. It also shows the credibility of your brand.

An Optimised LinkedIn business account allows you to attract great talent around the world and maintain good relationships with your meaningful network. Now, let’s take a look at the top ways to optimise a LinkedIn business account.

6 Ways to Optimise LinkedIn Business Account

You have already learned what is a LinkedIn business account and why your presence on this platform matters. Now let’s dive deeper into the most relevant ways to optimise your business account for LinkedIn.

Use High-quality Profile Images and Cover Photos

Use High-quality Profile Images and Cover Photos

Lots of potential customers are on LinkedIn looking for businesses like yours, so, you need to make a strong optimised business profile. 

Cover photos and profile is the first impression to attract anyone. A great cover photo or profile picture helps to get six times more visitors than normal. You just need to perfectly add the company logo on your Linkedin profile image, according to the platform’s requirement.  The second thing you need to create is an attractive banner that gives an intro about your business. 

Claim Custom URL for the Company Page

Claim Custom URL for the Company Page

If you’re a company that does business on LinkedIn, one of the first things you’ll want to do is to claim a custom URL for your company page. It’s an easy way to increase the visibility of your brand, and make it look more professional too. Nonetheless, make sure that there isn’t already another page using that same URL. If the URL you want is not available, you can choose a similar and identifiable URL. 

Before changing the LinkedIn URL, you should keep in mind that you can only change the URL once every thirty days. If there aren’t any conflicts, go ahead and submit an application for a new custom URL. In case to explain the custom URL clearly, here is an example of our company’s custom URL on LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/company/digital-bazaar-brisbane/ It identifies the company name and location base to avoid any confusion.

Fill Out Your Complete Company Details

Fill Out Your Complete Company Details

On LinkedIn, some of the details are required but I recommend you that must fill in all the asked details. Because complete details help to grow your Linkedin business account. 

Let’s go through all the fields.

  1. Name: Must add your complete company name to improve searchability and discoverability.
  2. Linkedin Page URL: Make sure your Business account on Linkedin must be unique. It helps to improve trust in your business or improve accounts. 
  3. Website: Must enter your company’s website URL on your page. This information helps redirect Linkedin followers to your website. 
  4. Business Category or Industry: Define your business category. This helps to categorize your Linkedin Business account. 
  5. Company Size: Select the size of your company from the provided ranges.
  6. Company type: Select a type of company from the provided options.
  7. Logo: Upload your business logo on your profile picture. And use the same logo on other social media accounts and websites.  
  8. Tagline: Make sure your 120 character tagline creatively defines your business. 
  9. Location: Enter your business location. You can also add multiple locations on the same page.

Optimise Company Description

Optimize Company Description

After adding all the required details you must add a long, catchy, and fully optimised description. It helps your visitors to understand all about your business. 

Write a long description and use simple, understandable and accessible language. In simple words, you need to tell a valuable story about your business to convince your visitors.

Here are some questions that will help you describe your business page.

  • What is your business?
  • Where are you based?
  • How did you start?
  • Why people should buy from you?
  • What is your brand voice?
  • How can people contact you to learn more about your business?

For more clarity, you can visit big companies’ pages or your competitor’s page. For example, have a look at Microsoft’s “About” section on LinkedIn. It talks about their company’s mission, strengths, number of employees, their brand’s specialties, and much more. 

Pick the Right CTA Button

Pick the Right CTA Button

If you’re looking for a way to inspire people to take action, it’s important that you select a call-to-action (CTA) button that makes sense. This is the button located next to the Follow button that LinkedIn users will see on your profile page. 

LinkedIn provides multiple options for businesses to select the action they want people to take most from these:

  • Contact us
  • Learn more
  • Register
  • Sign up 
  • Visit website (the default option)

You can change it anytime according to your needs. For example, if you have an upcoming event or a webinar, change it to “Register” or “Sign up” to focus on registration, then back to “Visit website” after.

Pin Most Popular Post on Top of the Feed

Pin Most Popular Post on Top of the Feed

On LinkedIn, as with other social platforms, you can pin a post so that it will always appear at the top of a follower’s feed. This is especially effective for promoting posts that are visual or link to something external—such as an e-book or a white paper, as well as marketing announcements and events. 

It may seem obvious, but make sure you’re posting quality content so that people will want to view it again and again.

Benefits You’ll Get in Business After Optimising LinkedIn Business Account

I would like to highlight some advantages that you’ll surely get after managing a LinkedIn business account.

  1. Showcase your company’s profile in a presentable way to drive more traffic. 
  2. Option to use LinkedIn paid ads to get a higher reach.
  3. Apply “call to action” on your business profile to get traffic to your website
  4. Maintain Object Relational Mapping (ORM) through LinkedIn.
  5. You can take interesting business insights by analyzing LinkedIn statistics.


A high-quality and optimised LinkedIn business account improves your brand’s identity and visibility. LinkedIn is a platform exclusively designed for professionals, founders, CEOs, and job seekers. It, therefore, helps you to grow your professional network and build strong and lasting relationships with some of the big names in your field. 

For businesses, it is the best source for lead generation, marketing, hiring, etc. In fact, most companies start by hiring their employees through LinkedIn. Hence, there are a lot of benefits to optimizing a LinkedIn business account.

In this article, you learned a lot about LinkedIn business accounts and ways to optimise them. This is a very helpful article for those who plan to go online and scale their business as social media plays a very important role in scaling your business in 2022 when most businesses have turned digital. 

If you have any questions regarding LinkedIn Optimization and would like to discuss how we can help with forming your LinkedIn Marketing strategy, then please click the image below and contact us!