The search engine optimization industry in Brisbane is heaving with companies that claim to take your brand to the top of Google’s search results. But, how true is that? There are many digital agencies who just want to swipe your card or there are some who genuinely want to witness and work towards the growth of your business. There is no magic to SEO, avoid those SEO companies that speak abstractly about it. Your company may also be doing search engine optimization without professional help. However, you will need a professional SEO company when you want the process to be streamlined. So how can you find an SEO agency that is

In this week’s article, we will discuss 7 factors when selecting an SEO agency in Brisbane 2022. 

Optimising Google My Business

It is a great advantage for businesses to have Google’s local map, many businesses are thrilled with this feature. It is useful for many businesses as it shows the location of your business, giving it more credibility. This feature is therefore perfect for increasing your brand awareness.

Good SEO companies in Brisbane would utilise this feature accordingly. Not only will they optimise your listing, but they will also teach you how to increase your Google reviews.

Website Establishment

Search engine optimization is all about bringing in new consumers and creating larger brand awareness. When you think about SEO, you can think of it as meeting a new date. If you show up looking shabby and unkept, you are most likely not going to have a second chance.   

Likewise, if your website is unattractive and inconvenient, you may not draw in new prospects. An attractive and well-developed website will allow viewers to gain trust within a few seconds. This in turn leads to lesser customers and conversions.

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SEO agencies are normally transparent and honest. Look for agencies in Brisbane that provide concrete recommendations for your business. Always hear what they can propose to grow your business.

Tracking Leads and Conversion with SEO

You should take note of how a Brisbane SEO agency tracks your leads and conversions. More frequently, an SEO expert will set up call tracking. This allows them to see the number of leads being generated from their SEO activities. A reliable SEO specialist will track its data to keep them accountable.

For blogs, a lead capturing form is highly essential. It is important to put forth the right content but it is also important to measure your returns from it.

Keyword Marketing

SEO keyword check is an extremely important step for every SEO campaign. The content strategy defines how your website will be structured and how your URL will be ranked.

An SEO expert will not only just use high-ranking keywords. They identify hidden keywords by partnering with experts such as Quora, social media networks and more. All of these offer a great deal of opportunity for establishing your authority.

The best SEO companies won’t use a set amount of keywords. Your traffic and growth will be affected if you limit the number of keywords. Most of the time, more keywords are upsold by companies who upsell higher packages. These companies can earn a lot of money through this strategy.

However, it forces you to miss out on many opportunities. The search engines use hundreds of keywords, and sometimes thousands of them at once. By adding unlimited keywords to your campaign, you can engage more customers and increase sales.

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Maximising Conversions with SEO

Most SEO specialists in Brisbane know the key to high conversion rates is to first maximise visitors’ value. The second is acquiring new traffic. Rather than putting pressure on your website to attract new traffic, a good SEO company should uncover areas where you’re leaking visitors. 

Backlinks in SEO

As discussed before in our previous article backlinks are important in SEO. If you are missing it, your authority will not grow. Your well-written content will only take up space online if it does not rank. You are basically writing for nothing. 

However, a reliable agency will only work with websites that pass a strict quality assessment to secure links from trustworthy and relevant websites.

Blogging in SEO

Blogging is just like the baby of SEO. It allows you to use keywords that are both high and low ranking. Competitive keywords will therefore aid you in ranking higher on Google search results. Content marketing is an important factor when it comes to marketing. Understanding what content connects with your audience is the key to attracting them.


If you are looking for an agency in Brisbane, the aforementioned factors are some you should consider. “You can’t just ‘SEO’ your website and be done. It’s a forever moving goal post” – Stoney deGeyter.  Here at Digital Bazaar, we focused on getting a good return on investment (ROI).

Are you new to SEO for your small and new business? If you are looking to grow your business with marketing, please do not hesitate to approach our in-house marketing experts! We understand how generating leads can be tough and this is where we come in to assist you!