Looking for a PPC advertising strategy that will produce excellent results without killing your budget? Social media PPC is the answer. PPC advertising is affordable, effective, and easy to implement. It can boost traffic, convert leads, and boost sales. However, not many companies are aware of the benefits of PPC advertising. Although social media sites can be biased, pay-per-click (PPC) ads can be extremely beneficial. Social ads have enabled some small companies to grow into national-recognised names. Therefore, in order to maximise the effectiveness of your social media campaigns, you must understand each of their benefits.

In this week’s article, we will discuss the benefits of PPC advertising.

1. Low Cost With Relatively High ROI

Paid advertising can indeed be expensive, and small business owners get intimidated by brands with over few hundred thousands ad spends, but it does not need to be. One of the most significant benefits of social PPC advertising is its low costs and the ability to control your spending in numerous ways. On most platforms, you can also set a daily and lifetime budget. It is also possible to set limits on how much you are willing to spend per action.

2. Wider Reach

It is almost impossible to compare social media reach with some other advertising methods like traditional advertising. There is perhaps no more significant benefit to PPC advertising than this. In spite of the fact that not every user is part of your target audience, even a silver of those total numbers can provide tremendous reach for your brand, especially since you can use detailed targeting to determine which platforms your audience base is most active on. In addition, you can keep track of your frequency metric on several platforms such as Facebook to make sure the same users are not viewing the same ad. This helps to maximise your brand’s reach.

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3. Customised Audience Targeting

Not only does social media PPC advertising offers a wider reach they also provide ways to reach hyper-targeted audiences. In most sites, you can choose from some combination of following:

  • Location
  • Interest
  • Demographic
  • Custom audience

All social media ad platforms offer good targeting options relevant to their site’s functionality. Facebook and Linkedin, for example, offer some of the most targeted options. There is detailed behaviour targeting on facebook which makes every extremely specific. For example if you would like to target someone who loves dogs, earns 150k annually and is single, you are able to do so.

Social media platforms will allow you to reach your audience directly regardless who they are. You do not need to get crazy with ad targeting if you are not sure where to begin with. You can also test different audience structure to see what works best or add minimal targeting options and see where that takes you.

4. Retargeting Users

Retargeting is available on all major social media ad platforms. The majority of these features require you to set them up, such as installing a tracking pixel or integrating your ecommerce platform with Facebook. And all of these are free to set up.

Here are some of the standard targeting options:

  • Use user data from your site’s visited pages to target users
  • Use social media to target users who have viewed a video or clicked on ad ad in the past
  • Engage users based on their actions in your mobile app

All in all, depending on how marketers use their tools, each platform has its own unique options.

5. Choose Your Action You Want

PPC advertising benefits include having a great deal of control over which actions you want to prioritise. You can usually choose ‘objectives’ or ‘goals’ for each social media ad. For example, are you looking for more clicks on your website, reach a wide range of audiences, and gain more followers to your account?


In terms of traffic and conversions, PPC advertising has proven to be an effective channel for many businesses, non-profits and other organisations. Since PPC has so many benefits, it’s well worth testing out to see where it can help your business. Contact us today to have a chat with us on how you can generate your leads through marketing.